OM606 High-Performance Turbo Diesel Engine & 6-Speed Conversion Kit

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Product Description

Mercedes OM606 Turbo-Diesel Used OEM Crate Engine and 6-Speed Performance Kit for converting a W460 G-Wagon.
Prices are approximate and subject to change due to fluctuating international shipping costs, exchange rates, and parts availability.

Refreshed OM606 Motor includes the following:
•New Gaskets
•Custom 7.7mm Performance Fuel Injection Pump
•Hybrid Turbo System
•Ceramic-Coated Manifold and Turbo Housing
•Intercooler System with Mount/Guard and Pipes
•Alternator, Power Steering Pump and Starter
•G-Wagon Specific sump
•High-Flow Air Cleaner System
•Upgraded Radiator and Mountings

Clean Used BMW 37dz 6-Speed Manual Transmission and Billet Mounting Kit includes the following:
•Adapter Plate and hardware
•Clutch and Flywheel System
•Transmission Mount
•Shifter Assembly, Rods and Surround
•Clutch Hydraulic Hose

We would be more than happy to take on installation of this kit into your G-Wagen. You can read more information on our conversions here. Cost of the installation will depend on the needs of your particular vehicle, but is about $10,00-$12,000 for parts and labor. The conversion is about 80-100 hours.

Due to its performance applications, this engine carries no warranty, but we and the rebuilders encourage you to contact us with any issues you may encounter along the way and we will do our absolute best to make it right.