About Us

MBZ 4x4 specializes in Mercedes G-Wagon conversions and repairs. Whether you need an engine swap, transmission conversion, or general repair services, we're here to help. We particularly work with the renowned OM617 Turbo-Diesel motor, including installations, rebuilds, conversions and performance upgrades in Mercedes G-Class models. We are a full service repair and restoration shop and we work on other diesel Mercedes-Benz models as well.
We are based in SW Oregon and service customers from all over the United States. We're also a parts reseller for Genuine Mercedes-Benz parts, a number of aftermarket distributors, and we have sources for salvage G-Wagen parts too.
Why take your classic Mercedes to a repair shop with less experience? Why trust your conversion to a mechanic that's never completed one before? Bring your car to a shop you can trust.
We've performed a number of Mercedes G-Wagon conversions from NA to turbo engines, and from 4-speed to 5-speed transmissions. We also can do swaps for Land Rover, Toyota, or other 4x4 rigs. Or, if you're wanting to spice up a different classic Mercedes with a turbo-diesel engine, we'd love to help.

MBZ 4x4 is a ReInvent The Wheel company. We have been selling auto parts for classic Mercedes-Benz vehicles since 2013, and we’re committed to not only stick around for many years to come, but to continuously update our products and services to keep up with the changing times.
As a Mercedes parts store that specializes in parts for classic Mercedes-Benz, we work a lot with both shops and car owners. We know the struggles that each one faces, and thus we’re in a great position to work in between and advocate for both. Let’s face it: repair technicians don't usually have the easiest time with customer service, and classic car owners are not always the most knowledgeable about what it takes to fix their vehicle. That’s why we are here to help. Your classic Mercedes restoration shouldn’t have to be a big headache, so please contact us and help us do the heavy lifting for you.