OM617 3.0L Basic Performance Turbo Diesel Engine, REBUILT

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Product Description

OEM Mercedes OM617 Turbo-Diesel 5-Cylinder 3.0L Engine.
This motor is rebuilt by our professional team at RTW.
Much of the internal components are returned to original manufacturing specs, however with the high-performance injection pump installed it puts out 40-50hp over the original motor.

This is a CUSTOM ORDER item: please allow 8-12 weeks for us to build the motor and ship it to you.

Overall, the retail value for the new parts, machine work, and shop labor put into this motor is over $12,000.
Includes the following
New OEM Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts:
-Intake & Exhaust Valves
-Vacuum Pump
-Oil Pump
and the Following Brand New Parts:
-New Bosch Fuel Injectors
-Timing Chain
-Cylinder Sleeves
-Piston Rings
-Main, Thrust and Rod Bearings
-Valve Stem Seals
-Crankshaft Seals
-Water Pump & Thermostat
-Gaskets: Head, Exhaust, Valve Cover, Injection Pump, Lift Pump, Water Pump, Vacuum Pump, Oil Filter Housing, Oil Pan, Timing Chain Tensioner

Also included is a specialty High-Performance Rebuilt Injection Pump

The following machine work will also be completed:
-Cylinders Honed, Bored and Re-Sleeved
-Block Deck Resurfaced
-Cylinder Head Magnaflux Crack Check and Resurfacing
-Removal, Inspection and Replacement of Cylinder Prechambers
-Crankshaft and Camshaft Inspected, Turned
-Valve Guide Inspection
-Cleaning and inspection of high-quality used OEM pistons (as new pistons are currently unavailable)

This motor includes a Limited 6-Month Warranty.
Warranty only applies if directions for driving and maintenance are upheld (supplied after purchase).

This is the standard OM617 motor made for coupes and sedans. It does not include the hydraulic suspension pump used the the wagon SLS system.

Purchase Price includes LONGBLOCK ONLY.
Included in the sale is:
Long block (oil pan to valve cover)
Fuel Filter & Attached Components
Fuel Injectors & Lines
Glow Plugs
Oil Filter Housing
Vacuum Pump
Water Pump & Thermostat Housing
Throttle Linkage

Other Components Not Included, Available for Sale Separately:

Air Cleaner Box
Oil Cooler
Glow Plug Relay & Wiring Harness
Power Steering Pump
Cruise Control Modulator
Intake & Exhaust Manifolds

Shipping will be LTL freight. Please contact us for a quote; it will be roughly $400-$650 in the continental US, depending on your location.
We will ship international although it may be very expensive; if you have a serious inquiry please contact us for a quote.

Are applied if no motor is supplied, or if the cylinder head is not rebuildable.
Block: $200
Cylinder Head: $700 (wagons are $1200)
If you do not have a core motor, then you will need manifolds and a turbocharger.
Manifold Set: $550 (used exhaust & intake manifolds, new gasket)
Used Turbo: $450 (when available)