Manual 6-Speed Transmission & Shifter Kit for OM617 Diesel

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6-8 weeks handling time

Product Description

Custom-built kit for the W460 G-Wagon with OM617 Turbo-Diesel.

This kit includes a used BMW ZF-6 used 6-Speed Manual Transmission, flywheel, clutch, adapter plate, transmission bolts, and gear shifter assembly. See the video below for an outline of everything included.

You may need to modify your existing front driveshaft for this transmission to fit. It is advised to find or have made a 220mm closed length prop shaft if you do not have one already. Models which have the short prop shaft (drive shaft) as standard are the 280GE with automatic transmissions.

In order for this kit to mate to your engine, you will need to have the OM617 version with the starter mounted on the exhaust manifold side of the engine.

This is a great candidate to convert your 4-speed manual to a 6-speed manual.
If you have an automatic transmission, you will need to purchase additional parts, some of which may not be available. (Used clutch and brake pedal assembly, clutch master cylinder, various hydraulic pipes, etc)

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are selling the transmission and parts associated with the swap. We are not offering free technical advice on how to perform this swap for your vehicle--you will need a qualified mechanic with the knowledge needed to swap this into your vehicle. We can perform this swap at our shop in Merlin, Oregon.

Please note there is a handling time of 6-8 weeks for this item.

Prices are approximate and subject to change due to fluctuating international shipping costs and exchange rates.