Product Feature: ​Low-Mileage OM617 NA Diesel Engine

Product Feature: ​Low-Mileage OM617 NA Diesel Engine

Sheila on Oct 28th 2022

Product Feature: Low-Mileage OM617 NA Diesel Engine

If you need a replacement OM617 diesel engine, we just listed this low-mileage, high-compression Naturally Aspirated motor pulled from a W460 G-Wagen, available on our website here. It has a heavier duty oil pan, but will fit any OM617 NA application.

This would be a great replacement engine for a 300GD, or upgrade for a 240GD. The heavy-duty flywheel is available for sale, as are the G-wagen specific engine support arms. We are also offering the 4-speed manual transmission for sale here.

If you need a qualified technician to perform the swap, we'd be happy to take the project on at our specialty repair shop in Oregon.

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